About Me

Dairy Egg and Nut Free

Hi!  My name is Christine George.  In 2007 our son had an allergic reaction to a milk-based formula, resulting in hives all over his skin where the milk had touched. We later learned that his severe eczema was related to his food allergies as well. After a lot of searching for doctors and asking for help we eventually found an allergist who was knowledgeable about food allergies.  Our son tested positive for milk, egg, peanut, and tree nut allergies. It has been a struggle for our family as we have had to scrutinize every label, completely change our family’s eating habits, and exclude our son from participating in many food-oriented events.

Since 2007 I have collected many recipes and learned a lot of helpful tips and information that I wanted to share with other families learning how to live with food allergies. I created this site in hope that other individuals, parents or families might benefit from what we’ve learned and from the knowledge you have to share as well.

While I do have a lot of information to share,  this site does not replace a doctor’s advice or instructions, so be sure to work with your doctor for your specific needs and limitations.  This is just a place to share ideas and tips to make life with allergies just a little bit easier!  Welcome to Dairy, Egg and Nut Free!