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It seems like egg free pasta should be an easy thing to find since most of the less expensive pasta is made with only wheat and not egg, but it is surprisingly hard to find. A lot of the pasta you find at the store will say it may contain egg or is made in a facility that processes egg.

When my son was younger, there were no “May Contain” disclosures on the the majority of pasta brands in local grocery stores. Over the years, more and more companies began to label their products for cross contamination which has been eye opening. My son had several unexplained severe stomach aches years ago that I think I could likely trace back to a meal where we had some of those pasta brands. That being said, we also ate pasta many, many times without a problem at all. If you are able to tolerate baked egg or your egg allergy seems to be less severe, you might be willing to try brands that are made in the same facility if your doctor gives you the okay.

We try to stick with the pasta brands that do not have any egg, and do not have a label with “may contain” or “produced in a facility.” Here are a couple of brands we have tried. Manufacturing processes do change, so always check for yourself to be sure these still work for you when if you purchase them. This is meant to be helpful as you evaluate what is best for your situation, but I do not check back with companies regularly to confirm that processes have remained unchanged at each of the facilities. I’ve included contact information for you to follow up or get more information if you need it.

Pasta Made in Egg Free Facilities:

  • DeCecco Pasta – I have seen this brand most commonly in our local grocery stores. They have two manufacturing facilities – one egg free and one with egg. I have only seen statements about “Made in a Facility” with egg on their fettuccine and lasagna noodles. They said when volume demand requires them to produce their egg free products in the egg facility they always label with may contain. The company assured the pasta is 100% safe as long as there is no egg disclaimer. Always read the label, but in general they are not switching or making any facility changes otherwise. (contacted Nov 2017)
  • Garofalo Pasta – We have used this brand for several years. We’ve bought it at Costco. I contacted them by phone (Jan 2020) and they said their pasta is made in an egg free facility. I also looked through all of their pasta products online and none contain egg. They do have some pastas that say they may contain traces of soy. This pasta brand is produced in Italy but there is an office in New York you can call if you want to verify or get the latest update. Phone: 646-581-9340
  • Luigi Vitelli Pasta – products are made in an egg free facility. If you can’t find this brand in the store, you can buy it online at stores like Amazon. Here is there number if you need to call to verify or to get the most up to date info: 201-475-3599.

Worth Considering (egg free facility, but made in a facility with milk):

  • Maruchan Ramen Noodles – The bagged Ramen might be an option worth considering. The noodles do not contain egg or milk. On their website they state, “No eggs, no tree nuts, no peanuts, and no fish ingredients are handled at any of our production facilities.” (2/2019) The label does say the noodles contain milk, but it is only in the seasoning packet. The noodles themselves do not contain milk. Maruchan says, “The milk or dairy based ingredient found in Maruchan Yakisoba, Bowl, Instant Lunch and bagged Ramen products is lactose used in the powdered flavoring/soup base packets. An allergen statement is required as lactose is a sugar derived from milk. Lactose is present in all our products.”(7/2017) Lactose typically does not contain the milk protein casein, but it can be contaminated, so I choose to avoid it. We have used Ramen Noodles without the flavoring packet, but you will have to decide whether this is something you feel comfortable with. Be aware though, the cup of noodles and other types of Ramen have the seasoning mixed with the noodles and are not dairy free, and other Ramen brands (like Top Ramen) do contain egg.

Alternative Pastas:

  • Trader Joe’s Brown Rice and Quinoa Pasta – Egg and gluten free. This pasta tastes the closest to traditional pasta in my opinion and in the opinion of many others. I have only seen it carried as Fusilli and Spaghetti noodles in our local store, but there may be more types available elsewhere.
  • Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta – Egg free and gluten free. Many people say it is the best gluten free pasta out there and very close to the texture and taste of traditional pasta. Phone: 416-609-0016
  • Banza Chickpea Pasta – Banza does not have any dairy or egg products in their facility with the exception of their Mac n Cheese pasta that has milk in a sauce packet which is purchased from another supplier and added to the box of pasta at the facility (the packet is never open at their facility).
  • Lensi Chickpea Pasta – I like the chickpea pasta. It is very hearty and filling. They also have red and yellow lentil pasta and black bean pasta, I was not as big of a fan of the lentil pasta, but it is all preference. I have yet to try the black bean pasta. These don’t taste exactly like you would expect a traditional pasta, but they are still good egg free options. Vegan and gluten free.

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