Dairy-Free Apple Cider

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The leaves are turning and there is a chill in the air.  Fall is here!  When everyone else defaults to a cup of hot chocolate to keep them warm, apple cider is our go-to.  I don’t know of a dairy-free hot chocolate that is easily accessible, but I have noticed that wherever there are packets of hot chocolate, there are almost always packets of apple cider.  I’ve seen them in ski lodges, dentist offices, and hotels.  Apple cider is naturally dairy free, so unless someone has a really fancy version, the chances are that the cider is dairy-free. You can buy jugs of apple cider at the store, or even just warm up some apple juice and call it cider, or add your own spices (we like Aspen Mulling Spice) to make it even more flavorful.  Alpine Spiced Apple Cider is the most common cider packet available at various venues in our area, and we really enjoy it.

While it is dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free, Alpine Spiced Apple Cider boxes with expiration dates in 2018 did say that the product “is manufactured in a facility that makes products containing milk, eggs, soy, and wheat.”  The individual packets of those boxes did not have that information and newer boxes we have purchased of this same brand have not had this Allergy Information included under the ingredients.  If you have very severe allergies to any of those listed, you should consider calling (1-800-457-7744) to make the best decision about whether the product is safe for you individually.  My son is very sensitive to eggs and has never had a problem, but since every individual is different, be sure to do your homework on what is safe for you.

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