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We recently took the family to In-N-Out for burgers.  This is one of the few restaurants we feel we can go to for a hamburger and fries with the whole family.  The hamburger buns and meat are dairy, egg and nut free.  The fries are safe there as well.  Because the menu is so simple, they are cooked in a dedicated fryer using sunflower oil.  The only dairy and egg that exist in the facility are in the cheese for the burgers and the sauce that goes on them.  It is currently a nut free facility.  And while we are not avoiding gluten, I have seen them send out burgers wrapped in lettuce, so I am assuming they try to accommodate those with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance as well.

Cross Contamination at In-N-Out?

We always tell the staff about our food allergies when we order and they have been good about cleaning off the area where they prepare the burger and making sure it is separate from the other food.  You can also request that they change their gloves when preparing your food. I recognize that every time we put our food in someone else’s hands, we are taking a risk, and that may be a risk worth taking for some, but not for others depending on the allergy and its severity.  So far, our local In-N-Out has been a positive experience for us every time.  We still check the burger to be sure they got it right, of course, but our local In-and-Out staff has been very on top of it.

Don’t drive away without your burger!

The only time we had a problem was in the drive through when my husband drove away before they handed us the allergy-friendly burger separately, and that was entirely our fault, not theirs!  I love that they prepare and wrap the allergy burger separately. However, it was a reminder that when ordering with food allergies, we need to especially double check orders when doing take out.  No one wants to drive back to get the rest of the order or to fix a mistake.

Where can you find In-N-Out?

If you live in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas or Oregon you should be able to find an In-N-Out .  Check out their allergy menu.  And remember that the hamburgers are marked as containing egg because of the spread.  Take out the spread and you take out the egg factor.  Their burgers are amazing, so you are not even compromising for this meal!

  1. Michelle says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your post on in n out burger. We have a severe egg allergy and had a great experience going there yesterday. I guess I’m a sappy mom but the best moment was when my 6 year old looked around and said happily that we are all eating the same meal. Sniffle sniffle.
    We have never ventured out to eat fast food but being on the road it was great to have this option. Thanks for posting.

    • imchristine says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! That makes me so happy. I’m so glad you could have that experience together. And I can totally understand your feelings! I’ve had the same sappy mom moments over those not-so-little triumphs myself. I’m celebrating with you today! Hugs!

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for your post. My son has severe egg, nuts, and dairy allergies and its been pretty hard when it comes to eating out. Question: do you have to request the meat without the eggs or are you saying that in-n-out makes all buns and meat without eggs?

    • imchristine says:

      In-N-Out does not have eggs in the meat or buns. You just have to make sure you tell them no spread. If you tell them your allergies, they will mark your order. They will change gloves and keep your burger separate from the other burgers. They are pretty awesome! I’m glad this is helpful! I hope you can have a fun time eating out with your son. It is our default place to eat out, lol. 🙂

  3. Parks Easter says:

    You ll also need to work with the person behind the counter to avoid gluten cross-contamination. If you like fresh seafood and you re looking for a more upscale restaurant (more fast casual than fast food), you ll be thrilled with the gluten-free menu at Bonefish Grill —almost all the seafood dishes are naturally gluten-free. The upscale chain, which is owned by the parent company of Outback Steakhouse and Carraba s, has locations in nearly 30 states.

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