Food Free Valentine Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is next weekend and we are busy making Valentine’s for the kids to give to their classmates.  We decided to go food-free this year even though there are some Valentine candies without eggs nuts and dairy.  Check out what the kids decided to do:



We found these bookmarks (with a mini ruler on it) at Walmart.  $1 for 12 (6 blue, 6 pink).  I happened to have some Stampin’ Up heart die cuts so we used those and then used a paper trimmer to cut two 1-inch slits in middle of the hearts.  We printed out a little message and my daughter glued them on with a glue stick.  Super easy, fun and cute!!

20160206_142805[1] 20160206_143130[1] 20160206_142421[1]

Valentine Soaps:

My son loves to do soaps that are holiday themed.  He asked if we could give his classmates heart soaps for Valentine’s Day.  We bought the heart mold on Amazon.  It is a Wilton mold that makes 24 hearts.  We bought some white Glycerine soap from Hobby Lobby along with a Wild Berry soap scent and some red (turns out pink) and purple dyes.  There are some soaps that are goats milk or Shea Butter.  We stuck with Glycerine to be safe.

IMG_3932 IMG_3933

They are so easy to make.  We melted the soap block in a double boiler (at our house that is a sauce pan with boiling water in the bottom and a metal bowl resting on top with the soap inside), added some scent and about 7-10 drops of dye.  After mixing we poured it into the molds and let it dry for about 15 minutes before we popped them out.  Voila!


What are you doing for Valentine’s this year?

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