January 2016

Camelbak Mini – Our Favorite EpiPen Carrier

The majority of food allergy fatalities involve an individual who did not have an EpiPen with them, even if the food allergy was known or diagnosed.  We have tried to make a point of carrying …

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Dairy Free Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

It’s been cold this winter for oh-so-long!  My kids are always asking me for hot chocolate after a few hours out sledding or shoveling snow.  We used to offer Riley a packet of Alpine Spiced …

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Dairy Egg and Nut Free

Riley is our dairy, egg and nut allergic son.  We have been coping with food allergies since 2007.  It’s hard to believe it has been nearly 10 years!  It was terribly difficult at first but …

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Ignoring “May Contain” Labels

On Thursday of last week we had the opportunity to visit the Emergency Room with Riley.  Although there have been several occasions I believe I should have used the Epi-Pen, I have always been hesitant …

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